established marriage

being married for over two decades is like layering history over history

transitions and life phases

jobs and children bringing together and pushing apart

growing up and growing apart and growing together

packing your bags in your mind some days

celebrating togetherness time after time

loving and knowing a person more than anyone else

hating them

loving them

choosing to stay

having another embedded in your soul with memory after memory


hero’s journey

we are each called by what we long for inside

we can live either by fear or courage

we can live safe and in fear

or step outside of our lives

answer the call of adventure

take risks


find strength inside of ourselves we didn’t know we had

to slay our dragons

find our grail

to live as if the bills didn’t matter

and the judgment of the world was naught

answer the call

follow the path to a journey unkown

then return

bringing wisdom, growth, courage back


Rocky Mountain Arsenal Refuge

I saw this fellow at the open space next to my house on a walk last week. The Arsenal Refuge is an old federal site that was used for the army, chemicals of war and all kinds of nasty things in the past. It has been turned into a wildlife refuge and sits in east Denver next to the airport. It has herds of buffalo, deer, gazelle, eagles, snakes and a ridiculous amount of prarie dogs. It’s far too hot on the prarie during the day for me. But when I walk at the edge of it near sunset it is so beautiful in a lonely, barren, majestic way. It’s just me and the warm wind, and my thoughts and my podcasts.