yesterday is a long way away away away

your parenting won’t define me

your legacy won’t be mine

it’s ashes and dust

your false religion with it’s asceptic speech

no cursing but much hating

a strong word on immodesty and a strong hand coming at me

it’s ashes and dust

it’s a long way away away away

I will have my day

a life I live and define Faith differently

I reject religious dogma

I will think and question and choose

regard all with human dignity and sanctity

see myself not in the lens of yesterday’s child

but as a woman, equal to a man, with a strong voice

regarding kindness, loyalty and courage as the measure of a good life



you’re flying away

where the stars can’t go

I hope it’s beautiful

I hope you know

you’re missed

you were loved

michevious, rowdy yet always a lady

twinkly eyes and smile

a kind word and a deep heart for us your friends

good deeds done to your patients

endless good words and love for your husband and children

I’m hoping God has your wine glass full

float above us in your heavenly hot air balloon as we remember you

may there be a sewing machine for you to cover the angels in your veils and quilts

and may echoes of your daughter’s singing float up to you






Weight lifting

sometimes I’m the only woman

among the men

leg pressing as much as them


and my thoughts are

I can do anything

stand anything

overcome anything

I am strong


if I let it slide

then the discipline in my life slides too

mind, body, spirit all one


malaise gone

thoughts sharp

sadness and lethargy left with the last deadlift