A Colorado Poet

When I was a little girl, about 5 years old,  I lived in the very small town of East Carbon City, Utah. My parents took me to the town dump one afternoon and in that place of discarded leftovers I picked up an old small hardback dark blue book, beautifully made. It was a book of romantic poetry and introduced me to Wordsworth, Byron and the other greats of their time.

Since then I have written poetry. My memories and thoughts chronicled from that time in books and books of poetry….adolescent poetry, poetry of deep pain and loss, poetry of relationships good and bad, friendship, youth, nature, snapshots moments in time, musings, marriage, faith, family…

This is all mixed up and not in the timeline that I wrote it. You may be reading something from yesterday or 40 years ago.

My perspective has changed over the decades, but what has not is honoring the truth of what I felt the day I penned each of these.