It is quite shocking to realize that your children may have very different sensibilities to yourself. We have things that are deeply innate to who we are as people; love of writing, reading, music, athletics, culture or whatever the case may be. When our children grow up we can find that the things we feel define us, our children have no inclination for or interest in. It is one of the oddest, most unexpected realizations. We think, “how can you possibility not want to pick up a book and read?!”, “Why don’t you want to go on a hike, gaze at nature and see the limitless beauty of the universe?!”, etc.

Our love should overcome this surprise. We should put away our disappointment. We can look to what they love, embrace it, learn it and love it with them. Sometimes it’s Tik Tock, skateboarding, hip hop or crazy hair. Whatever it is, let us never let our children disappoint us, let us love them for who they are created to be.

*my daughter and husband, Denver*

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