Life happens in the minutes

Today is my birthday. I turn 50. Fifty years has revealed that there is no perfection yet always blessings and joys. The most frustrating thing about fifty is that I would like to plan out the next fifty and I have realized this is not going to happen. When I reflect on the last year, things have happened which I would not have foreseen, some plans have worked out and others have not. The most meaningful things continue to be people I have drawn closer to and feeling that I am working hard towards some purpose. It is the small decisions every day in the way I reach out and care for my marriage, my children, my friends and family that make my life richer, happier and more meaningful. The habits that I form at work, school (as I finally pursue a BSN after 22 years as an associate degreed RN), writing, music and being healthy physically keep me grounded and moving forward. Life happens in the minutes, so my goal this year is not to neglect making all those minutes count!

*Denver, Co 2020*

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