a boy and his rabbit

Today I found my son stretched out on the floor doing homework with our rabbit, Marius, curled up in between his legs

It amazes me what love and gentleness can do to tame the hearts of animals.

Marius is a house-rabbit. He used to have a cage but we used it less and less as he got older.  Eventually we just stopped and threw it away. He uses the doggy door and does his business in the yard. He chases us, literally, butting his head and nibbling on our toes for treats throughout the day.  He also chases us for pets. He stretches out and when we pet his big head, his teeth chatter, which is a rabbit’s way of purring, and he licks our hands to show his love. He is the sweetest, gentlest guy although he has chewed quite a bit of our house up!

What a privilege to have animals who have given you their hearts. They are one of life’s greatest gifts and bring our family immense joy.

*Denver, CO*

6 thoughts on “a boy and his rabbit

  1. I love this so much. What a great photo. We had a rabbit and he chewed through all of our electrical wires. He was also free to roam around the house and he was plaful and loving as well. 🙂 This is a wonderful post.

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    1. Thank you, Gigi! It’s wonderful you had a house bunny as well! Not a very common thing! Ours does much of the same stuff… he’s been working on the underside of the couch lately, lol! But he’s such a sweet guy we just put up with it:)


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