I believe when life asks you to give more of yourself

than you have

you dig in

reach deep

and hand it over


*downtown LA near the tar pits*

6 thoughts on “give

    1. Thanks, Nina:)! we have my elderly father in law living with us for a bit as he recovers from surgery; with 2 emergency revision surgeries after the first one, an ER visit; all in the last 3 weeks, kids in highschool , jobs and going to college to finish my Bachelors. Sometimes, not giving more than you have is not an option!


      1. Oh gosh, Cindy—I wish you ALL well. Kudos for finishing your bachelors! That’s awesome!
        You will be pleased to know—I rearranged my living room (inspired by you!) to accommodate the keyboard—and we are both having a ton of fun with it! You are right. Cathartic.

        It’s truly incredible just how deep the wellsprings of our soul can be. And you captured this beautifully here.


      2. Yippee! I’m so excited for you, big smile on my face, Nina!! You are amazing to explore those wellsprings that music can bring. I totally agree. It’s so easy to lose the mystery and beauty of life in all the business of it. You just inspired me..I’m going to go play a little piano now:)!


      3. Yay!! Me too! Right now. Left brain/right brain—wake up!!
        I would so love to hear you and your kids all together playing and singing…instant teary eyed makes me…thank you for your smiles, Cindy. 🙂

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