we didn’t have a lot

my mom and I

a house in a ski town

my snowboard and the mountain

I didn’t know it was the most I’d have

the safest nights

a home and my mother’s care and love

now I call the streets my home

her sickness and her death

the darkness that followed

left me undone

she couldn’t save me

I know she would’ve tried

I just didn’t know how to face the world


so I am a street man

I wave my cardboard sign at you

I found a way of life

I’ll probably never leave

but I will remember when I was more than a stranger

I was a son


*My son, Josh, met this character at a gas station and had a long conversation with him about his life as a professional snowboarder, and his descent into homelessness after his single mother’s death as a young man. She had no money and had put a reverse mortage on her house during her sickness. He now lives on the streets of Denver. Josh had locked his keys in the car and had been stranded for a couple of hours.  When I drove up to rescue him I got major props from this man for being a mom coming to the rescue. He waved at me and said ‘Thanks for being a great mom! Josh, make sure you tell your mom thank you and what a great mom she is”. We gave each other the peace sign and I didn’t quite know what to make of all the mom love. I understood why later after Josh told me his story. Be well, snowboarder. RIP snowboarder’s mom.*

*pic taken in the UK this summer by my husband*

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