damn if I didn’t see the agenda

believe the pretty words

blinded by the consequences to myself and others

thinking it must be an oversight

yesterday, I saw it

it was out there

it took a few brave souls

speaking out

their voices shook

they were nervous

it’s hard to speak in a public forum

against the entrenched heirarchy

damn if I wasn’t proud

damn if it didn’t give me hope

even if I was on the wrong side of the table

*street art from my recent visit to LA*



2 thoughts on “agenda

    1. Thank you! It’s true, and people don’t realize how powerful their voice is in the public arena. Governments get their own way unless we speak up. I sit on a city committee and I was so proud of all the people that showed up and spoke for what they believe. Change only happens when we take risks and take our voice to the people who make the laws.


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