a voice from the past

called last night

reminding me of a girl

I used to be


his voice was full of colors

the vivid painting of my past

streaming from some secret river of before

onto the cavas of today


I consider this girl

she seems a stranger

her ways are wild and unthinking

her smile is bright and unseeing


youth was a bright flash in the night

we flew hard and fast

we beat our wings to the heartbeat of life


our color high

we joined hands wet with the paint of our lives

our eyes eager

we joined paths to run together awhile


I consider her face

in the mirrored water of time

the ripples lap around her eyes

her image shifts and gathers back again


the sparkle in her eye could just be a reflection of the sun

but her voice calls clear through the years

echoing the same dreams and fears

changed only in perspective by time


her watery gaze is displaced by the wind

but this fragmented surface is a truer image

for ever she blew with the wind

wheverer the wind would blow


she is me and I am her

I cannot deny her colors paint my life

her reflection is mine but mine is not hers

for ever the waters shift and gather back again

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