the eyes looked down as he passed by

his unweildy body

crippled, he walks in lurching steps

a fair young man, a mother’s boy


he takes the seat beside me

amid the eyes

two twin pools of blue gazing at me

life leaping chained inside


we speak and he rambles of his life

I see inside

a puppy eagerness, fawning me with dreams

to love a girl, to be a writer


FAIR SAILING BLUE EYES in a twisted shell

amid the eyes

I take his trembling hand as he tells me of another dream

“when I sleep there is a forest in my dreams where I hunt myself and with these hands I rip off my head”

*This encounter is real, the words are real. I was a young woman in college when I met this disabled young man in the cafeteria and had this conversation. He changed my life. I dropped my literature degree and became a premed major with an eye toward medical school, that journey ultimately led me to nursing where I felt I could have more of an hands on impact with patients*

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