beyond the fences

behind the barnyard door

around the corner see the rising dust

a road awaits us


feel the wind

life your domesticated eyes

beyond this pasture

beyond these placid skies


run past the mouths

that mouth sweet, easy words

run past the hands

that pull you gently, softly down


gallop out the gate and down the road

past the corrals with empty eyes

leave behind your bit and bridle

and boots that kicked your sides


The Farmer will call you, call you back

his wife will spill her tears

his dogs will leap to rip your heart

their teeth will taste your heels


the barnyard is green

the trees and grass seem lush

the smell of complacency rises

within the stinking, peacful hush


away into the world

run from the hands that fill your feedbag

and pull you down

and pull you down


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