Body, soul and mind

At the gym today

thinking what lifting has done for me

it has taught me to hold my own

in a room full of testosterone

it takes me to a quiet head space

my mind so quiet while my body aches

it has made me able to walk naked


though my curves are not slim

they are strong

there is a balance and strength

I find

investing in

body, soul and mind

Spring in Denver

the air has lost it’s edge of cold

but it’s still not time for Birkenstocks

the trees have tiny buds but the grass is still straw

spring skiing with slushy snow and my suburned faced kids

a hike at Red Rocks without a jacket

Marius the rabbit takes to staying out all night

Smudge the cat is pouncing around like a kitten

a spring snowstorm coming in this week


I am always dreaming

of a place

with a lovely home with porches all around

it’s green and there are trees that drape down to touch the ground

somewhere close by water and sunlight bounces cheerily on it’s surface

there is a chair outside that I read and write from

inside a piano with a view

so that when I play I can see outside and my music will float out of the open windows



today a walk with my man

and a talk with my man

easy banter and his hand

in the warm spring sun that feels

as if winter could be over

a far away chat with my oldest daughter

whose first car

took her home to a life she is starting

dreaming with my son of new horizons just beyond the doors of our home

my youngest tanned from her escape to Florida for spring break with her friend

my dear father in law in our kitchen

today after our walk his son went with him to his pet scan

I see faithful, loyal, kind and compassion in the way he stands with his Father through this life

I called my Father today and feel compassion for him as he has paid a dear price for his sins

this is today

in my world




Esto quod es

embrace the quirky

parts of yourself

that differ

your long view of the landscape

the thing that makes you draw the deeper breath

be who you are

don’t give in to fitting in

dare to have a voice even when it doesn’t blend

let the colors inside spill onto the world

find the courage to still the inner voices that say you can’t

trust yourself

be who you are


the better good


do we struggle

to set limits on guns

why must they be a right and not a priviledge

as New Zealand finds the courage to quickly change their laws

their country stands together a light and example in the darkness of our world

saying no to an endless stream of weapons into the hands of anyone who cares to buy

the right to bear arms may be in our constitution but the need to do so was a revolution

I ask you why must we insist on rhetoric, division, sides and battles of ideals

the revolution must be in our hearts to stand as citizens together

putting aside our rights and leaving our history

setting better limits for the common good

of our fellow Americans






history has a way

of being rewritten

in the lives of others

our children

in souls we never meet

there is nothing new under the sun

we must take care not to minimize, hush and try to change

those we do not understand

be cautious to judge

there is evil in the human soul

but also great good

Let us stand with others

in solidarity holding up what is right in ourselves and in the world

and condemning the darkness