the quiet day

the quiet day

whose minutes tiptoe around my mind

I can play with words

lose those minutes and then hours

frittering them on notes that dance like galaxies in my head as I play

walking them away in the coolness of the evening

reading them away in stories and poetry

thinking about nothing and everything long and hard

I love the quiet day


*a pic taken by my daughter on the Oregon coast*

giving up

I find myself unable

to save those whom I love

in the way that seems best to me

for one who likes control

to see them spinning out

sometimes engenders blame



it is in giving up

in handing over the lives of those I love

to themselves, to fate, to their choices and the whims of the universe

that peace comes

I can love them without saving them

support them without rescuing them

find joy in their success

not judge their failures

keep an eye to the heavens

where the vast infinite starry mass

has seen this all again and again and again


*picture taken in RHINO art district Denver*



This one I don’t need to write a damn thing for!

It was the tiniest piece of art, maybe 6″ X 6″,  on the bottom of a wall in the RHINO district of Denver, famous for it’s street art, much of which I have used throughout my blog.

We walked by it several times before I noticed it peeking out on the bottom of the wall. No words needed here, the art says it all!!

senior pics

Josh and I had a fun day out on Sunday taking his senior pictures. He’s 18 and about to embark on LIFE. Our photographer, Kari, is an old acquaintance, and we reminisced together about how life turns out so unexpectedly from what we imagine at 18. How so many things we think really matter, such as good grades, a life plan, a career we decided on really don’t matter and in the end life happens just the way it’s going to despite ourselves. I’m so excited for my son to explore all of life’s different journeys and hope each adventure leaves him a stronger and better man than the day before.


*RHINO district, Denver*